Shows Schedule


  • Friday night shows start at 9:30 to 10:30pm
  • Saturday night shows start at 9:30 to 10:30pm
  • Sunday night Invitational Jack and Jill followed by Awards from 9 to 10pm
Thursday Shows
  1. Absolute Latina Dance – Samba Funkeado Team
  2. Justin and Jessica (Sydney)
  3. Absolute Latina Dance student couple – Leon and Jude
Friday Shows
  1. Jiten Bhatt & Sashika Fernando
  2. Craig and Chante (Adelaide)
  3. Absolute Latina Dance – Zouk Team (Brisbane)
  4. Sydney Zouk Team (Sydney)
  5. Zoukette Ladies Team (Sydney)
  6. Conxsion student team (Gold Coast)
  7. Let’s Dance Latin (Sunshine Coast)
  8. Scott and Rebecca Student Team (Sydney)
  9. K&L Zouk Silver Team (Brisbane and Melbourne)
  10. Cookie and Rachel (Adelaide/Auckland)
  11. Darshana and Yoomi (New Zealand)
  12. LocoMojo Dance Pro/Am Team (Melbourne)
  13. Rafael and Juliana Zouk (Brazil/Australia)
  14. Magno and Kayleigh Samba Funkeado (Brazil/Australia)
  15. Bruna Peçanha (Brazil)
  16. Bruno and Sarah (Brazil/Australia)
  17. Kadu and Larissa (Brazil/Australia/USA)
Saturday Shows
  1. Balao Brothers and Boneca Babes
  2. Let’s Dance Latin Zouk Ladies Team (Sunshine Coast)
  3. Bossa Latina Student Team (Brisbane)
  4. K&L Zouk Ladies Team Brisbane
  5. Brasilatino Performance Team (Adelaide)
  6. LocoMojo Dance AAA Team Choreography (Melbourne)
  7. Duncan and Antonietta (Sydney)
  8. K&L Zouk Gold Team (Brisbane)
  9. Evolution Dance Company (Adelaide)
  10. Rachel and Natalia (Adelaide)
  11. Izzy and Steve (Melbourne)
  12. Magno and Kayleigh Zouk (Brazil/Australia)
  13. Scott and Rebecca (Sydney)
  14. Rafael and Juliana Samba de Gafieira (Brazil/Australia)
  15. Jimmy and Kylie (Brisbane)
  16. Arthur and Layssa (Brazil/Australia)
  17. Leo and Becky (Brazil/New Zealand)
  18. William and Paloma (Brazil/Spain)
  19. Renata and Jorge (Brazil)
  20. Jordan and Tatiana (USA)
DJ schedule

DJ Schedule available on our interactive schedule!

DJ Wesley
DJ Kadu Pires
DJ Alisson
DJ Paloma