About Casa do Zouk
Casa do Zouk is thrilled to announce our 10th-anniversary celebration in 2024! A decade of dance, fun and connection deserves an extraordinary celebration, and we want YOU to be a part of it.
This is not just another Brazilian Zouk congress; it’s a milestone celebration! Join us for a weekend of unforgettable festivities, surprises, and commemorative moments that will make Casa do Zouk’s 10th anniversary an experience to cherish.
Don’t miss this chance to be a part of Casa do Zouk’s history. Join us in celebrating a decade of dance, a lifetime of memories, and the vibrant Zouk community we’ve built together.
We can’t wait to dance, celebrate, and make history with you at Casa do Zouk’s 10th-anniversary celebration in 2024. Book your ticket today and get ready for the dance event of a lifetime!

Casa do Zouk (meaning “House of Zouk” in Portuguese) is an exciting event established in 2014 by Kadu and Larissa held at Mantra on View Hotel in Gold Coast – Australia.

Check out Casa do Zouk Participants Information Document.

Special guests
  • Kadu and Larissa (Brazil/USA)
  • Alex de Carvalho (Brazil/France)
  • Renata and Jorge (Brazil)
  • Pedrinho and Paloma (Brazil/UK)
  • Leo Neves (Brazil/New Zealand)
  • Layssa Valentina (Brazil/Australia)
  • Trajano and Shannon (New Zealand)
  • Sarah and Bruno (Brazil/Australia)
  • Juliana and Rafael (Brazil/Australia)
  • Izzy and Steve (Australia)
  • Sarah and Jeff (Australia)
  • Sunny and Heidi (Australia)
  • Kylie Roots (Australia)
CDZ ticket includes
  • Over 40 Brazilian zouk workshops
  • Novice, Intermediate, Advanced, Invitational Jack and Jill competitions
  • Thursday 9pm to 3am – Party ONLY Included on CDZ Full Pass
  • Friday workshops from 10am | 70’s Party and Shows from 9pm to 4am
  • Saturday workshops from 10am | Dress to Impress Party and Shows from 9pm to 4am
  • Sunday workshops from 10am | White Party from 9pm to 4am – Invitational Jack & Jill and Jack and Jill Awards
  • Event Schedule
Master Class

Coming soon!

Choreography challenge

coming soon!