About Casa do Zouk
Casa do Zouk is thrilled to announce our 10th-anniversary celebration in 2024! A decade of dance, fun and connection deserves an extraordinary celebration, and we want YOU to be a part of it.
This is not just another Brazilian Zouk congress; it’s a milestone celebration! Join us for a weekend of unforgettable festivities, surprises, and commemorative moments that will make Casa do Zouk’s 10th anniversary an experience to cherish.
Don’t miss this chance to be a part of Casa do Zouk’s history. Join us in celebrating a decade of dance, a lifetime of memories, and the vibrant Zouk community we’ve built together.
We can’t wait to dance, celebrate, and make history with you at Casa do Zouk’s 10th-anniversary celebration in 2024. Book your ticket today and get ready for the dance event of a lifetime!

Casa do Zouk (meaning “House of Zouk” in Portuguese) is an exciting event established in 2014 by Kadu and Larissa held at Mantra on View Hotel in Gold Coast – Australia.

Check out Casa do Zouk Participants Information Document.

Special guests
  • Kadu and Larissa (Brazil/USA)
  • Alex de Carvalho (Brazil/France)
  • Renata and Jorge (Brazil)
  • Pedrinho and Paloma (Brazil/UK)
  • Leo Neves (Brazil/New Zealand)
  • Layssa Valentina (Brazil/Australia)
  • Trajano and Shannon (New Zealand)
  • Sarah and Bruno (Brazil/Australia)
  • Juliana and Rafael (Brazil/Australia)
  • Izzy and Steve (Australia)
  • Sara and Jeff (Australia)
  • Sunny and Heidi (Australia)
  • Kylie and Abs (Australia)
CDZ ticket includes
  • Over 40 Brazilian zouk workshops
  • Novice, Intermediate, Advanced, Invitational Jack and Jill competitions
  • Thursday 9pm to 3am – Party ONLY Included on CDZ Full Pass
  • Friday workshops from 10am | Wear your Casa do Zouk Vintage shirt Party and Shows from 9pm to 4am
  • Saturday workshops from 10am | Dress to Impress Party and Shows from 9pm to 4am
  • Sunday workshops from 10am | Pool Party at Cali Beach from 7pm to 9pm | Tropical Night Party from 9pm to 4am – Invitational Jack & Jill and Jack and Jill Awards
  • Event Schedule
Master Class
Screen Shot 2024-04-16 at 8.48.19 PM

Embarking on a 3 hours immersive journey into the depths of Pedrinhos style, intertwined with the grace and precision of Paloma’s technique, is a breathtaking odyssey like no other.

Together, participants will discover and work on the fusion of two distinct yet complementary styles. Through dedication and determination, they will unlock the secrets of Pedrinhos’ dynamic flair and Paloma’s captivating finesse, emerging from the depths as masters of their craft. 

Don’t miss this opportunity, register today! (you must also have a Casa do Zouk full pass)

This course is suitable for Zouk Intermediate and up.

Thursday from 7pm to 10pm.

Anniversary Celebrations

Casa do Zouk will celebrate its 10th anniversary this July with a delicious Cake Party on Saturday night. The celebrations will continue on Sunday evening with a vibrant pool party and drinks at Cali Beach from 7-9pm. Guests will have the chance to mingle, enjoy refreshing drinks, and soak up the beachside ambiance, making it a memorable weekend for all who attend.


Cali Beach address: 21a Elkhorn Ave, Surfers Paradise, Gold Coast