Shaun and Nikki

Coming from a martial arts background, Shaun discovered Latin dancing in 2005 when he
began taking classes in Salsa, and later adding Merengue, Bachata, Argentine Tango, and
of course Brazilian Zouk to his repertoire. In 2009 he discovered Brazilian Zouk and
instantly fell in love with it, drawn to the styles smooth movements, connection and music.
His passion for Brazilian dance and culture has also seen him learn Samba de Gafieira
and Samba No Pe, adding to the styles he enjoys to dance. Shaun also enjoys playing
Brazilian samba percussion (playing Caixa and Tamborim) and training in Capoeira
(Brazilian martial art). Shaun’s diverse skill set and experience has seen him perform
regularly at Brazilian events, festivities and corporate showcases in and around Adelaide.
His passion for growing and sharing Brazilian dance and culture led Shaun to coordinating
Zouk Night, Adelaide’s longest running zouk social dance event. Through offering Brazilian
Zouk classes, Shaun has been able to share his love of Brazilian dance with the wider
Adelaide community, which has led to him choreographing team & couple performances
for both the national and international stage.
Shaun & Nikki's passion for Brazilian Zouk has developed a strong and vibrant Zouk scene
in Adelaide, one they are most proud to play a large part of. The community spirit is just
one of the things they love about this incredible dance style.

Nikki has trained in classical ballet, jazz, hip-hop, contemporary, musical theatre for over
20 years, and completed 2 years full time, Diploma in Dance at Dance World 301. Her love
for dance has always shone through. Credits include shows overseas in Singapore &
China, as well as local work for corporate gigs & video clips.
Nikki joined the Salsa Latin scene in 2007 & in 2009 discovered Brazilian Zouk. Salsa was
where Nikki & Shaun began their dancing partnership for performances, choreographies
and demos on a local & national stage. Nikki’s dancing skills, experience and passion,
quickly saw her become a Principal Instructor & Choreographer in Salsa & Zouk styles.
Nikki expanded her quest for Brazilian dance by learning and performing Samba in local &
national shows.
In 2008 Nikki was introduced to Brazilian Zouk and it emerged as her new passion,
working with Shaun to grow the Zouk scene in the wider Adelaide Latin scene. Shaun &
Nikki have established – Evolution Dance Company, a fine school driven by the love of
Zouk, flow & connection. The passion in the music & movement of Zouk has them hooked.