Swouk 2017 - 3
Scott and Rebecca

Scott has been dancing since 2010 after injuring himself when training for a BJJ tournament and needing a new hobby to distract himself. He made the transition to Zouk after attending a Zouk workshop above his level that left him feeling out of his depth and more than a little embarassed. Since then he has taken his Zouk very seriously and has a very high respect for teaching, having been invited by Arthur and Layssa, after much mentorship, to move interstate to Adelaide to teach their Zouk classes for a month in 2017 whilst they were away on tour (with his dance partner Rebecca). Kadu and Larissa, and Amit Arora have also had continuing influences on his dancing.

In 2014 he moved to Newcastle and not finding a Zouk scene at all, decided to found one despite Newcastle’s relatively small Latin scene and within a few months paired with Rebecca Hall to compete and teach. In conjunction with his dance training he also devotes a lot of time to acrobatics which comes out in a big way during performances.

Rebecca has been dancing since before she started school. Starting in the early years with Jazz and Ballet, she has since continued to train and feed her love for all dance by expanding styles over time. She started to travel and perform professionally from 2007.

Rebecca was first exposed to Latin and Partner Dancing through Salsa in the years after school. When attending the Sydney Salsa Congress in 2010 she first saw Brazilian Zouk performed on stage, and was immediately drawn to it. With nowhere to learn at home in Newcastle she managed to travel to attend 3 classes of a beginners course in Sydney, but after that it was not until years later that she would have the perfect opportunity to dive back in seriously when Scott moved to Newcastle in 2014.

After meeting at the Newcastle Latin Festival and finding out Scott was a Zouk Instructor, Rebecca helped introduce him to a venue he could teach from, then later assisted with demos in class, until mid-year the partnership was formally established and more serious training and planning commenced.

Scott and Rebecca continue to train with experts in the field of Zouk such as Kadu & Larissa, and Arthur & Layssa, but also in other areas of dancing.

As teachers and dancers Scott and Rebecca like to make sure they are involved as much as possible in all the facets of the Zouk scene – teaching, performing, social dancing and getting involved in competitions.

In performances they love to surprise and shock; when teaching they love to give great value and keep things fun and playful.

They’ve taught together at various workshops in Sydney and events such as Sydney Spring Zouk Festival, Brisbane Zouk Festival and World Bachata Festival in Malaysia, and by special invite for a month at Arthur & Layssa’s school in Adelaide. They also perform for various corporate shows and dining venues outside of the latin scene.

Although keen zouk dancers, Scott & Rebecca support bringing the whole latin scene together and would love to meet you on the dancefloor for a bachata or salsa as well!