Pedrinho & Paloma

With a background in Journalism, Paloma Alves has been immersed in the world of dance for 15 years, specializing in Brazilian Zouk for the past 12 years.
Her international career has led her to over 30 countries, where she imparts her expertise through classes at workshops, intensives, and some of the world’s most prominent Brazilian Zouk Dance Congresses.
In addition to her teaching, Paloma also works as a DJ on both the national and international stage and is a co-founder of the Diboa DJ company.
She is also a recognized judge accredited by the Brazilian Zouk Council.
Nowadays, in her solo career, Paloma embodies the professional-learner concept, always eager to gain knowledge from the experiences her students bring to her classes. She places a strong emphasis on mutual exchange, receptiveness, and the freedom to explore. She has committed herself to furthering her expertise in related areas, bridging the worlds of dance with Kundalini Yoga, the Feldenkrais method of conscious spontaneity, and other relevant subjects. Notably, she has crafted her unique teaching method for followers, empowering them to embrace movement autonomy and expressiveness.

Dancer, teacher and choreographer, Pedrinho comes from Brazil and started to dance when he was only 11 years old! In 2005 he was handpicked for a scholarship at the Jaime Aroxa Dance School in Rio de Janeiro and completed a five year course for professional dancers encompassing all the Brazilian Ballroom dances (Bolero, Samba, Tango, Forro, Brazilian Zouk, Rock Soltinho, Samba de Gafieira). He also studied Samba Funkeado under Jimmy de Oliveira.

At just 15 years old he entered his first dance competition in Rio and took second place dancing Brazilian Zouk. This cemented his love of Zouk and he began to specialise and develop his own style playing with R’n’B and contra-tempo rhythms.

Pedrinho moved to São Paulo to work for Renato Veronezi dance company as a teacher, choreographer and performer before eventually touring European Zouk and Samba Congresses. 

Whilst travelling in the UK, he met Linda Urgosova in 2014 and found the perfect counterpart to his signature urban swag musicality and style.