Izzy and Steve

Izzy Washington and Steve Reilly are highly experienced teachers with over 30 years of experience. Izzy has deeply studied human movement & neuroscience, and has a strong background in Ballet and passion for expression and creativity. This is perfectly balanced with Steve’s street Latin and Ballroom background and Engineering brain. Teaching Zouk since before DanceIM’s inception in 2012, these two are well known across the Australian Zouk scene and highly regarded for their insightful and welcoming classes.

Who is Izzy?
Izzy started ballet and jazz at a young age, and continued to study and perform these styles for over 20 years, including completing a dance teaching certificate. After she discovered Latin dance in 2006, Izzy explored all the styles, especially Tango, Salsa and of course Zouk, and gained a wide breadth of knowledge and skills. After deciding to focus primarily on zouk, Izzy opened the only Zouk dedicated dance school in Melbourne, DanceIM, in 2012. Alongside her passion and studies in dance, Izzy’s passion for human movement, wellness, expression and learning led her to many years of academic study to have a career in neurological physiotherapy. Izzy utilizes her unique combination of skills in her classes and has taught around Australia as well as internationally in Brazil and Europe. Izzy’s widespread dance skills and experience, along with her extensive knowledge and skills she draws on from outside the dance world make her classes unique.

Who is Steve?
Steve Reilly has been dancing social latin styles for over thirty years, and teaching various styles over twenty of those years with various schools along the east coast of Australia. Steve jumped head first into learning Brazilian Zouk in 2014 and excelled quickly in the style. He describes his first Zouk lesson as “like I was seeing colour for the first time”. He is well know in the Melbourne Zouk community and has taught at various events around Australia including Casa do Zouk, Brazouky, the Brisbane Zouk Festival and the Sydney Spring Zouk Festival. Students love Steve’s light-hearted humour and his meticulous attention to detail, as well as his drive to ensure that all of his students are thoroughly supported in meeting their individual wants and goals.